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You can buy a Full Colour Gift Booklet containing 8 Paintballing Tickets for use at a growing number of venues in the Southwest.

Southwest Paintball's vouchers make the ideal gift for those adventure-seeking loved ones and friends.

Each Gift Voucher Booklet can be redeemed at any of our venues for eight all-day entries and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Each booklet contains 8 x £7.99 Tickets worth a total of £63.92 and are professionally produced, full-colour, glossy Booklets including full instructions on how to redeem the tickets included.

Each of the Eight tickets is valid for one person's entry for a full day's paintballing and hire of all neccessary equipment required to participate. PAINTBALLS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THESE TICKETS.

The Best Bit is the Price: At only £59.99 including Postage and Packing, by purchasing a Gift Voucher you are saving even more money on the standard entry prices at all of our venues!

To redeem your vouchers, all you need to do is decide upon a date for your paintballing day out and then book with the venue of your choice. At this point, you will be required to purchase the first 100 paintballs for each player at a rate of £7 per 100 rounds.

There are no hidden extras or catches - our venues provide you with everything you need to play. All you need to purchase are the extra paintballs which are priced at £7 per 100. In most cases, bulk discounts on paintballs will also be offered by our venues to save you even more money on the day of your event.

For full terms and conditions on our vouchers, please click here.

You will soon be able to buy Gift Vouchers online, but for the moment, please call 01626 833 200 to purchase.

What You Get

Your ticket includes...

  • Entry to the best Paintball Venues in the South West
  • Full day of paintball action (exact duration varies between venues)
  • Well maintained safety equipment
  • Latest semi-automatic paintgun
  • Unlimited gas refills
  • Camouflaged combat suit
  • 200-shot capacity loader
  • 8-12 games of paintballing action
  • Insurance, professional staff and UKPSF site-membership assurance

(Paintballs are not included with your tickets.)

All our venues are UKPSF (UK Paintball Sports Federation) members and conform to UKPSF guidelines. In addition, we vet all of our venues to ensure they include adequate...

  • Sheltered seating areas
  • Car parking
  • Catering facilities and/or refreshments
  • On site toilet facilities
  • Amazing game zones
  • Exhilarating scenarios

Participating Venues

The following venues are now accepting Southwest Paintball Tickets...


  • UCZ Paintball Parks, Exeter
  • UCZ Paintball Parks, Newton Abbot
  • UCZ Paintball Parks, Plymouth