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Nemesis Paintball

Good things come in small packages and the Nemesis site is no exception. Set in 10 acres of woodland the Nemesis paintball site combines natural and man-made features to provide a demanding session of paintball for any level of player.

We are catering for all types of groups from local schools and business outings to groups of family and friends.

Many of our players are repeat customers and this is our indication that we must be doing something right!

We consider ourselves to be friendly, affordable, flexible and professional-providing a mental and physical challenge to all our players that will give them a taste for more!

Tel: 01458 446 461
Email: shazandee@hotmail.com

Contact: Iain
Office: 20 Portway, Street, Somerset. BA16 OSE.
Site: Street, Somerset.

Player Reviews

This site is one on the best that I have been to. the site is all woodland but has some more open areas and also some thick woodland games. The use of the space availiable is amazing as so many scenarioes have been created that can also be over lap with others. I also have to say that Ian is one of the nicest paintball people I have met, if not the best as he is very freindly and made me feel very welcome on my first and subsequent trips. This site gets top marks from me and I would advice people to give this friendly interesting site a go.

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