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UCZ Paintball ParksUCZ Paintball Parks have played host to a variety of highly successful Scenario events including the two time "Scenario Event of the Year" winner, Bunker Assualt, organised by the Going Postal team.

In addition, Southwest Paintball is pleased to work alongside Going Postal to offer an ever increasing number of scenario events throughout the yearly calendar.

Scenario paintball is a type of paintball game that adds a specific theme or story to the paintball game. Themes vary widely, including re-creations of historic battles, popular movie themes, holiday themes and more.

Scenario paintballing is different to Tournament paintballing. Tournaments are organised competitive events played out on Sup'Air Ball arenas. Scenarios are themed events played out in woodland and urban environments with a more militarian feel. Both forms of paintball are tremendous fun and many paintballing regulars will choose to play both formats.

Scenario games are almost always objective-driven in regards to scoring. Each team must complete a series of missions to score points. These may be simple "capture the flag at this location" missions to elaborate missions involving props, multiple locations, interactive non-player characters and more.

Southwest Paintball releases information about its Scenario Days via UCZ Paintball Parkx and Bunker Productions...

More information can be found on either of the web sites listed below.