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Every other month, we bring you the latest product news from the paintball industry. Find out about all the most important new releases here.

Back Issues

Select a back issue of Latest Product News from the list below.

October 2003 - Latest Product News

Well, it's a little late in coming, but finally you get to see more product scoops in Issue Three of Southwest Paintball's Product News page. Some products featured in previous issues are now available on www.paintballwarehouse.co.uk, including the sexy Smart Parts Shocker 2003 and the awesome Angel Speed.

Now that we're approaching the off-season for paintball, industry members are going in to a frenzied race towards launching their 2004 product lines. Expect to see loads of new, shiny goodies hitting the stores as Winter passes us by. Some of these new products have already hit the shelves, such as WDPs Angel 4 and others are already being talked about, such as DYE's new Proto label, but you can be sure even more are being kept behind closed doors. Keep your eyes on this Product News page as we will be bringing you the juiciest releases as we hear more about them.

Let's take a look at this issue's sneak peaks...

DYE Proto Paintball

Proto Paintball? What the hell is that? Proto is a new division of DYE Precision Inc, the USA company that has brought us a bucket load of top quality paintball equipment from barrels to clothing. The new Proto line is being launched on October 4th at the PSP World Cup in America.

So what do we know about it? Well, not a lot. There is a trailer up on the web at www.protopaintball.com, but everything is being kept pretty hush, hush until the official launch this month. It looks almost 100% certain that a whole new line of clothing and luggage will be included though.

Going on DYE's past record, we can be sure of some excellent products. We'll bring your more as and when we have it.

Toroball Comes To The South West

You may be aware that Smart Parts Europe recently gained the UK distribution rights for Toro Distribution's Toroball paintballs. Southwest Paintball Ltd has, in turn, gained exclusive rights to distribution of this paint in the South West.

The manufacturer's description of these paintballs is as follows...

Since 1994, TORO Distribution is specialized in the sale of paintball equipment. We also are the distributor of 17 mm (68 inch) paintballs called “TOROBALL” in Europe.

Our paintballs of ø 0.689 have a very high quality with various colours of paint and shell (pink, yellow, green, white...). We offer them on boxes of 2000 paintballs, composed of 4 bags of 500.

...well, modesty may well be these guys thing, but we're raving about them. The price is great, the quality of the paint is excellent and the packaging is second to none with highly reinforced cases and even a packet of crystals in each bag to absorb any moisture.

Have a look at www.paintballwarehouse.co.uk for the latest prices on Toroball Classic and Toroball Precision. I don't care where your loyalties lie, this paint deserves your consideration.

Armageddon Is Coming

Air America are just in the process of releasing their seriously updated version of the Armageddon air system for 2004. The new Armageddon is packed full of features designed by John Sosta and John Bonich and is reported to be one of the most advanced regulators available.

The new version of this old school regulator features...

  • A built-in on/off and a revolutionary Downstream Bleed system which vents any air stored in your hoses or marker.
  • ARM valve allowing you to easily change to a different cylinder.
  • Single stage regulator micro-precision machined in high strength, lightweight, tempered alloy aluminum..
  • Output pressure range of 200-1000psi.
  • Tournament level performance, with possibly the highest flow-rate available.
  • High and low side pressure safeties, recessed input and output mini-gauges and the Air America Quick Fill Adaptor.
  • Sealed with "Dowty Seals" in the 1/8" DSP ports, so no loctite needed.

This regulator is a welcome addition to the Air Reg market and is sure to be popular with old and new fans of the Armageddon alike.

Clothes Fit For An Angel

Yes, you guessed it, WDP are bringing out a range of Angel players clothing, braking in to yet another niche in the market. WDP have just launched their Angel gloves and pants, but we don't have any pics for you yet. They will be available through www.paintballwarehouse.co.uk within the month, so look for them there.

The Angel pants are visually striking with Levi-style twisted seams that are intended to body-map the trouser leg to individual players, helping the pant to move with you, not just hang. Lining the pant is an airtech mesh to help prevent players becoming uncomfortable. To help cut down on weight the top half of the pants are constructed from something called "low-bulk, rip-stop honeycomb fabric" with the legs made of ballistic nylon for maximum durability. One great feature is a pot-holder on each leg - WDP are on to a winner there!

As with the pants, the Angel gloves feature a myriad of technologies with a lot of emphasis on venting, tactility, comfort and style. Angel jerseys are also on the way, but we have no details on them as yet.

More Next Issue...

That's all we've got time for this time around. Check back soon for more juicy gossip.

©2004 Southwest Paintball Ltd