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Every month, we bring you the latest product news from the paintball industry. Find out about all the most important new releases here.

February 2003 - Latest Product News

Welcome to the new Product News area of www.southwestpaintball.co.uk. We've started this new service for players in the UK, so you can keep up to date with product launches and insider news about who's working on new kit that is going to dent your pocket.

Product News will be updated every month as insider gossip comes in from the paintball industry. Enjoy this first instalment and remember to come back every month to be the first to know what cool new gear is about to hit the stores.

If you see something that you just can't wait to get your hands on, pay www.paintballwarehouse.co.uk a visit. Everything featured on this page is available to reserve or order on Paintball Warehouse (UK).

Here we go on then... feast your eyes on these...

New Goggle System From JT

Yes, they're doing it again. Not satisfied with a huge chunk of the goggle market and the success of their Proteus line, JT have come up with yet another excellent system to protect tournament players.

The new FX-10 goggle system has been given a complete overhaul, with a modern new look and a lens quick-release system to make your life easier. You will be able to change the FX-10 lens simply by moving a lever on the side of the mask.

Another new feature is the ability to fit ear and mouth pieces for radio communication. Ok for recreational players and judges we suppose, but not a great addition for the tournament player.

We're not sure when this new system will be available in the UK, but it is sure to become a popular alternative to the Flex-7 and Proteus.

Shocking News

At last, Smart Parts have re-worked the legandary Shocker. For too long, this marker has only had some pretty mediocre upgrades to it and its position in the market has suffered as a result. Especially since the release of Smart Parts other baby, the Impulse.

The new look is so far removed form the old "brick-like" Shocker it's almost unbelievable. With sleek lines, curves and lots of small design touches, it definately looks the business. The Shocker is smaller and lighter than before and has a closed-bolt operation with no external moving parts.

Another addition is the reverse polarity magnets used in the marker's trigger, which promise to produce a trigger affect similar to the RT.

You can expect to see the first new Shockers during Spring 2003.

DYE Under Pressure

Is there no stopping DYE Precision? This company seem to be moving into every area of the paintball market and their newest release is no exception to that rule.

DYE Precision are now producing their own line of air systems - the new Throttle range. To ensure they conquer the market, DYE are producing a titanium fully-adjustable 4500psi system and a 4500psi preset air system.

They are backing their launch of the Throttle air regulator with a new bottle design which is covered in a shiny black lacquer rather than the traditional raw grey. The bottle will be available in 91 cu-in, 71 cu-in and 70 cu-in sizes.

When these will be available in the UK is anyone's guess. DYE products seem to be like gold-dust this side of the pond sometimes. Keep your eye on Paintball Warehouse (UK) for a release date.

New Angel LCD 2003

Now everyone can afford an Angel - the new LCD 2003 has been released by WDP and starts at just 799.99.

The marker features perhaps the coolest cut ever seen on an LCD and is available in Silver, Blue or Black. The LCD 03 also includes the IR3's gated feed system, chain frame as standard, and features the IR3's smaller, more efficient 14-way valve and supa-glide ram.

It is available to order now.

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