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Every other month, we bring you the latest product news from the paintball industry. Find out about all the most important new releases here.

Back Issues

Select a back issue of Latest Product News from the list below.

April 2003 - Latest Product News

Welcome to the second issue of the Product News area of www.southwestpaintball.co.uk.

There seems to be a lot of competition between marker manufacturers lately. Last issue, we revealed the Angel LCD 2003 and the new Shocker. These markers have barely been announced and now both WDP and Smart Parts are passing rumours around about yet another new release each!

It's all hoting up meaning more choice (and confusion???) for us consumers than ever. What will be the result? Crippled sales for one of these companies or serious dents in our pockets?

If you see something that you just can't wait to get your hands on, pay www.paintballwarehouse.co.uk a visit. Everything featured on this page is available to order on Paintball Warehouse (UK) as soon as it is released!

>>>> Speed >>>>>

There have been some rumours about a new Angel from WDP for some time, but finally details are beginning to emerge. The new Angel Speed will be available later this month and is said to mark the beginning of a new era for Angel users.

LPR pressure is 1/3 less than previous Angels, meaning 33% less force is applied by the bolt to the ball. Working Pressure of 180-350psi, reduced by up to 60%. Delivering reduced ball stress and quieter operation with no effect on Rate of Fire. 60% reduction in valve dwell reduces cycle time, increasing achievable ROF to 30 BPS. (with Sensi activated). Dual Ball Detents.

  • New - LED Encapsulated Speed-Board
  • New - Double Serviceable Low-Profile Ball Detents
  • New - Ram - Totally New Serviceable Design, 50% More Efficient
  • New - Sculptured Removable Hammer
  • New - Valve Dwell - Reduced by 60% New - Minireg - Low Pressure, 50% increase in Gas Flow
  • New - LPR - Serviceable, Operates with 1/3 Less Pressure
  • New - Bolt - 20% More Efficient
  • New - Exhaust Valve and Guide - 4 x Previous Flow-Rate
  • New - Smaller, Lighter 4.8v Rechargeable Metal Hydride Battery (100000 shots)
  • New - 4.8v Intelli-Charger
  • New - Trigger system - External TOE Adjustment for Increased Rate of Fire up to 30bps (with Sensi activated)
  • New - Increased Gas Galleries - 2 x Air Flow
  • New - One Piece Flash tank - Improved Gas Flow
  • New - Integral Breech Seal
  • New - 5 Modes of fire (Semi-Automatic)
  • New - Sensi Load Detection System (LDS)
  • New - Switch & Go Operation

The price is rumoured to be lower than the IR3, but no exact price for the UK has been released at the time of writing. Estimates range from 550.00 to 800.00.

So, should you upgrade your IR3 straight away? Not sure. I think the Angel Speed is supposed to be a low-end Angel and that the improvements seen in this marker will be transferred into a newer (and, of course, better) version of the IR3 before long.

If you are looking at upgrading your LCD or buying your first Angel, then you must be tempted by this one though! The Official European Launch is at the German leg of the Millennium Series 19th - 21st April.

They've Got Some Nerve

The new Shocker 2003 is not even available yet and there is already talk of another release of this marker - the Nerve.

Finding out specific information about the Nerve is not easy, but the main addition seems to be the ability for the marker to measure its own internal pressure and adjust this alongside the dwell setting to achieve the optimum shooting speed. Don't quote us on this though!

The Nerve is a sexy, single solenoid, open bolt electronic paintball gun curvaceously milled and anodized to perfection. The Nerve is planned to deliver amazing rates of fire of over twenty paintballs per second thanks to a standard magnetic blade trigger and electronics so new and revolutionary that Smart Parts refuses to discuss them, on or off the record. The Nerve rides low on its grip frame thanks to a redesign that has moved the electronics and the nine-volt battery power source completely into the grip frame.

In that it is an open bolt, single solenoid design, the Nerve is similar to an extremely milled, extremely accessorized Impulse, but there are refinements. The bolt is accessible via a twist knob at the rear of the receiver and the Nerve is standard with a low-pressure regulator or LPR designed to maximize efficiency and consistency in conjunction with the standard 4,500psi Max-Flow compressed air system.

Also standard on the Nerve is the Freak barrel system enabling the user to shoot any paintball they can find, and double ball detents. The Nerve is standard with a Vision Board and anti-chop eye that will prevent the user from chopping a paintball, and with a standard low rise feed adapter and projected rates of fire of nearly twenty-five paintballs per second, this is a wise investment. The Nerve is intended to sit at the top of the Smart Parts totem pole of paintball guns, and for the price, expected to be in excess of one thousand pounds, a player will receive the absolute best of everything Smart Parts has ever engineered.

More Next Issue...

That's all we've got time for this time around. Check back in June for more juicy gossip.

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