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Tips & Tactics

Paintballing Tactics

So, you have booked your paintball event and now you want to read up on some top tips so you can show your friends who's boss? Read our paintball tips below and we'll turn you in to a tactical paintballing machine in no time!

Stay Alert

Awareness is fundamental when you're trying to outthink and out-strategize your opponent. How can you develop a successful strategy if you don't know where your opponent is, or where you can find appropriate cover?

Stay alert from the moment the game starts. Look for your opposition and choose your movements carefully depending on how the game is unfolding.

Don't focus your attention on a single spot, even if you think an opponent may be hiding there - a different opponent may be flanking you. Or you may locate an opponent you wouldn't otherwise have seen. Constantly survey your surroundings.

Stay Safe

Safety is always your first consideration and there is one, simple, golden-rule to ensure you stay safe and enjoy your paintball. Never remove or lift your goggles unless you are instructed to do so by the venues staff. Simple.

Aim Your Paintgun

Sounds like a no-brainer, but a lot of new players forget the importance of keeping your aim on the opposition. Do not blind fire over or around cover - you will be wasting those valuable shots and you may get shot yourself in the process.

When moving, keep your paintgun up and aimed towards the enemy so that you can fire quickly and provide yourself with enough time to get in to cover. Paintballs travel relatively slowly, so you can see them flying through the air - take notice of where they are hitting and adjust your aim accordingly.

At the start of the day, take some practice shots and practice your aim. You're no good to anyone if you can't hit a barn door at twenty paces!

Outflank the Enemy

By far one of the most effective tactics in paintball is to try and outflank your enemy. If you can gain a position in the game zone that pins the opposition in to a small area, then your team will be able to make quick work of winning the game!

Even better, if you can use the terrain and cover to come up behind your enemy and take them by surprise then you will win the day for your team as you pick off one target after another.

Choose a Captain

An organised team is far more effective than a disorganised one. Choosing a captain and following his or her instructions can turn your team in to an organised and effective squad. If the other team is disorganised, you should win every time.

Your team captain does not need to be a genious in military tactics. Simply having someone to organise your team will make all the difference.

Move and Use Cover

Move. Standing still will get you noticed. Moving will keep your opponent guessing about where you could pop up from. Moving will get you to better positions. Try shooting first, then moving while your opponents are behind cover, to give yourself the most time.

Use teamwork to keep an opponent trapped behind cover. With a teammate providing cover fire aimed at the object your opponent is hiding behind, you can approach undetected and find a better angle to tag him while he's still behind cover.

Moving to new positions in the game zone can often provide you with the winning advantage.

Communication is Key

Paintballing is a team game. Communicate with your teammates, especially on offensive maneuvers. You'll have more success as a team than as an individual. And even if the opponent you are trying to tag hears you, if you have a good plan he won't be able to do anything with the knowledge anyway.

Call out enemy positions and keep in touch with your teammates at all times.