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Paintball Tickets

If you are looking for an exciting paintball experience, then buying entry tickets may be just for you. Tickets also make excellent gifts and, if purchased from reputable companies, will be presented in a professional gift booklet ideal for your friends and family.

Paintball Gift Vouchers Paintball vouchers will normally buy you Entry and Equipment Hire to a good venue for a day's paintballing. Most vouchers do NOT include paintballs and these need to be purchased either at the time of redeeming your tickets or on the day of the paintballing, depending on the type of tickets.

You should be wary of miss-leading sales tactics that do not explain that paintballs are not included or that charge you a higher rate for the first 100 paintballs, or similar schemes. Find a trusted ticket agent with clear marketing and you will grab a bit of a bargain, but if it looks too good to be true, take a closer look, because it probably is! Unfortunately, paintballing is not cheap.

To be sure of what you are buying, take the cost of the tickets and budget for about 400-600 paintballs per person to find out the overall cost of the day. Of course, most parties will require each individual to pay for their own paintballs. Remember to take in to account any inflated charges for those first 100 paintballs per person.

Be particularly careful if you are approached in a shopping centre or on the high-street. Some of these sellers are on a commission-only rate for wages and will say anything to sell you some tickets.

Don't be put off Paintball Tickets though. There are good agents out there, you CAN save a bit of money through tickets, and they DO make a great gift.

Pure Paintball

We operate our own nationwide ticket agency in the forum of Pure Paintball.

Pure Paintball was conceived to help combat bad service and sales techniques which were giving paintball a bad rep as discussed above. All of our marketing is very clear and straightforward and we do not have ANY hidden costs or inflated charges.

Our Gift Vouchers themselves look fantastic, presented in a glossy full-colour A5 folder and can be purchased for a specific venue or for use at any venue in our UK network.

You can also use Pure Paintball to book direct with our venues, avoiding the need for tickets altogether, but still taking advantage of our great prices and the first 100 paintballs per person are included!

Direct Paintball Bookings

Whether you choose to buy paintballing tickets or to book paintball direct, Pure Paintball will provide an excellent and no-fuss service which will enable you to concentrate on enjoying a great day out.

For more information, terms and conditions, and full details, visit www.purepaintball.co.uk and have a great paintballing event!