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& Links

Southwest Paintball and the NSPL receive a great deal of support from various members of the paintball industry. Thank you to each and everyone of them...

NSPL Sponsors

A lot of businesses invest a load of time and effort to help make the NSPL the success that it is.

All of our sponsors have been absolute stars since they came on board and they all deserve your support. Remember that these businesses have to make money in order to keep providing support to tournaments - please visit their web sites, buy their gear and tell them how much you love the NSPL!

In no particular order, our current sponsors are...


Tel: +44 (0)121 328 2228
Email daniel@wdp-paintball.com
Web: www.wdp-paintball.com

Joined The Party: January 2003
Star Supporters: Daniel
What They Do For You: Provide Angel Techs at each SWPL event and supply prizes for the league teams as well.

Phoenix Paintball and ZAP

Tel: 01543 451454
Email andy@paintballuk.com
Web: www.paintballuk.com

Joined The Party: Spring 2002
Star Supporters: Barry, PJ and especially Andy (the American dude)
What They Do For You: Supply excellent paint and a whole host of prizes and free gifts, including twelve case of paint for each SWPL tournament! Andy also gets roped into helping to set up our Sup'Air Ball arenas - thanx mate.

Southwest Paintball Limited

Tel: 01626 833 200
Email email@southwestpaintball.co.uk
Web: www.southwestpaintball.co.uk

Joined The Party: Winter 2000
Star Supporters: Rob and Syd
What They Do For You: Southwest Paintball hosts and maintains this web site, markets the SWPL, provides resources for the league and a thousand other things. We really do need your support, spending many hours a week on SWPL related work! This web site alone has seen hundreds of hours of work.

Armson Paintball

Tel: 01424 222212
Email info@armsonltd.co.uk
Web: www.armsonltd.co.uk

Joined The Party: Right At The Beginning
Star Supporters: Melvin
What They Do For You: Armson have been particularly supportive, providing thousands of pounds worth of prizes included loads of barrels, tops and sights - thank you Melvin.

Smart Parts Europe

Tel: 01322 555968
Email sales@smartpartseurope.co.uk
Web: www.smartpartseurope.co.uk

Joined The Party: Summer 2001
Star Supporters: Phil Web
What They Do For You: Smart Parts produce some of the best paintball equipment available and have kindly given some of it away to teams in the SWPL. Also, Smart Parts have helped the SWPL promote itself.

Other Links

Here are some other links that you may find useful...


Tel: 0845 130 4252
Email: info@ukpsf.com
Web: www.ukpsf.com

Contact Person: Steve Bull
What They Do For You: Bucket loads. The United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation is a voluntary body and exists to promote the sport of paintball, liaise with government bodies, local authorities and try to make the game of paintball safe and fun to play. One of the main objectives is to have the game of paintball recognised by the Sports Council as a sport!

Millennium Series

Tel: n/a
Email: niall@millennium-series.com
Web: www.millennium-series.com

Contact Person: Niall Squires
What They Do For You: Arguably the best tournament series in the world, the Millennium consists of six fantastic events each year all over Europe, including Toulouse (France), London (UK), Lisbon (Portugal), Amersterdam (Holland), Bitburg (Germany) and Stockholm (Sweden).

123 Reg

Contact: Click the banner

Contact Person: n/a
What They Do For You: This company provides a very cost effective and professional service on registering domain names and hosting web sites. They don't do anything for the SWPL directly, but are the best ISP we've found for you to build and manage your team web sites.