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Southwest Paintball Ltd is a dynamic company focused on all aspects of quality paintball provision, from organising high-profile paintball events and supporting the Southern Paintball League to providing the UK's best on-line paintball shopping experience.

Southwest Paintball also operates a quality paintball venue in the form of UCZ Paintball Park, located next to Trago Mills in Newton Abbot, Devon.

The company started alongside the Southwest Paintball League in 2000, providing Internet and promotion services that have seen the league grow from strength to strength. Since that time, we have expanded into several areas of the paintballing industry and successfully established the business as the number one paintball provider in the region.


  • Paintballing Days Out
  • Paintballing Vouchers
  • Event Organisation and Promotion
  • Internet Development Solutions
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Equipment Sales
  • Advice and Consultancy

If you would like more information on any of the services we offer, please email us, or call on 01626 833 200. Alternatively, you can write to us at the following address:

Southwest Paintball Ltd
UCZ Paintball Park
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6JD

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